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Who is Debbie De Grote?

I started selling Real Estate at the age of 18…

Actually, at the age of 17 I decided that I needed to sell Real Estate so that I could save enough money to go to college since my parents didn’t have the funds to send me. I thought I wanted to be an attorney.

I got a job as a receptionist in a Real Estate office. The minute I turned 18, I took the real estate agent test, passed it and I never looked back. Real Estate was just a passion.

By the time I was 21, I was awarded the #1 agent in LA and Orange County for Century 21; and was ranked in the top 10 in the nation by Century 21 International. I sold, on average, 150+ homes a year. That was before the concept of teams. (I don’t know why we never figured out the team concept!)

When my twin daughters were born I knew I couldn’t work 16 hours a day anymore. I was offered a position to join a growing coaching company. What was great was that I was given top agents from all over the country to work with.

I came across all types of situations: mortgage, title, Realtors, teams, new agents, veterans, coaches to train, etc. This really honed and perfected my coaching skills. I did go on to be the Vice President of the coaching division for a couple of years.

In real estate, I’ve spent the first 16 years selling houses. The last 17 years have been all about working with great sales people; whether it’s real estate, escrow, title, mortgage, inside and outside sales people. That’s now my passion.

Again, I discovered it by accident and yet it was just such a perfect fit after 16 years of being in the street. It also helped me understand who I needed to hire to be my coaches so that they could deliver that type of experience for you. I love selling.

I’ll talk to you soon. Call us at (714) 625-5226.

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